Suzanne Blackburn
Aloha Spirit

203 Anderson Street
Portland, Maine 04101
The Aloha Spirit is well known as the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous. It can also be a powerful way to resolve problems, to reach a desired state of mind or to accomplish goals.

The master healers of old Hawaii
knew that there were special ways to release the powers of the body so that physical, emotional and mental healing would take place more quickly and completely. They recognized that health (ola) exists when the body's cells vibrate at a fast pace or, in other words, the body's energy is free flowing. Illness (ma'i) occurs when that flow is blocked or restricted for an extended period. Lomi Lomi, supports deep physical and spiritual heal ing by removing these blocks. By embracing the wholeness of every person with an emphasis on attentiveness, love and respect this graceful style of bodywork brings forth positive, healthy transformation.

In the Hawaiian language,
“aloha” means much more than hello, good-bye or love. If you take the word apart you find oha which means joyful and alo meaning sharing. You also find ha which is life energy and alo which means in the present.